Influencer Marketing: Untapped Resource for a Successful Campaign

Kofoworola Shittu , Social Media and Content Marketing Executive

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on March 28, 2017

A true brand influencer drives action, not just awareness.

There is a good reason to believe that influencer marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel this year. Although, it has been around a long time, but not in the way we use it today: digitally, expansively and much more precisely. As the market booms, hordes of brands and agencies are trying to catch the wave.

We are seeing more and more that in order to get a big bang for your brand, scaled, always-on influencer-led social marketing is highly effective. So before you dive into influencer marketing and get overwhelmed by the sea of communications, planning, execution, and measurement, make sure you know the basic best practices.

Who or what is an Influencer?

While word of mouth recommendations and criticisms spread through social media like wildfire; influencers are people who are active on “social media”.  They then use their influence on these platforms to promote and advocate for brands and products.

While someone with hundreds of thousands of followers could expose your brand to their followers, if they are not a snug contextual fit, their post or tweet would not be effective in driving leads. A true brand influencer drives action, not just awareness.

Why do you need Influencers?

Think of an influencer as a mutual friend that connects you with your consumers. It is easier for you to trust a friend’s recommendation to buy a product than to trust a salesman pitch.

When you align with an influencer with your brand, not only do they bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s audience as well. An influencer has the ability to drive traffic to your site, increase your social media exposure, and ultimately sell your product through their recommendation or story about their experience.

How to choose an influencer for your brand

All your influencer marketing effort might be in vain of you don’t get the influencer right. Regardless of having the right content and platform if you choose the wrong influencer, your marketing effort might be a failure from the word go. Key factors to look out for when choosing an influencer for your brand or products includes:

  1. Contextual fit

Choosing an influencer requires that they fit into the context in which your promoting. For example, Don Jazzy has over 2M followers on Instagram and 1.6M on twitter making him one of the most-followed accounts on social media in Nigeria, but is he really the one you want to use to sell a healthy living or diet product? Other factors to include in the context fit phase are:

  • Personality Type
  • Reputation
  • Genre
  • Organic content
  1. Reach

After you establish an influencer as being a good fit for your brand, ensure he/she has an equally large reach so they can share your brand content or positive recommendation in a manner that actually will be heard (in their own voice). If your business sold clothes for men then an endorsement from Don Jazzy won’t be a bad idea.

  1. Clout

This is the influencer’s ability to cause action by their audience. When you do your background research well and choose the right influencer, then action from influencer’s endorsement is inevitable. Remember Influencers don’t force themselves upon an audience. Their audience chose to follow them because they are interested and as such would most likely take an action based on a recommendation from them.

An influencer of your brand has to passionate about your product or service. This passion will show right through the white lines that appear on computer screens and spread to those who read their words, which results in leads for your company! You also don’t leave all the work to the influencer because they don’t know your brand the way you do, it’s your job to reply comments, build leads and follow up based on their influence. So your goal is to get as much content from happy customers as possible.


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