Why we are fighting hunger using Social Media.

Alexander Edem , Digital Marketing Strategist.

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on March 20, 2017

Two in every five school children ends up going to bed hungry, every time you share a brand ad from social meals, the brand gives money to Food Clique to provide meals for a child or family that is in need.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have been approached on the streets of Lagos by children begging for money just to get their next meal. Fortunately for most of us, we have the privilege of being able to afford three square meals even in the midst of a depressed economy.

The statistics on the other hand, are far grimmer for many other people, two in every five school children end up going to bed hungry, if children aren’t getting a balanced diet, their brains can hardly function at optimal levels for them to be able to learn in school, coupled with the fact that the public education system in Nigeria is almost comatose you really wonder what the future holds for these kids.

Even with the hope of the school-feeding program that this government is seeking to implement, with the benefit of hindsight, we can tell that it may or may not get to the critical areas and individuals that need this food the most.

I took this issue over to my team at Amplify Digital Agency and we decided that it was worth doing something about in our own little way, a couple of months later and after several false starts, we are finally birthing SocialMeals

Being a digital agency, our platform of choice was naturally social media where we believed we would have the fertile ground to drive advocacy and awareness around the hunger issue, our major problem was a partner with experience and credibility within the space, enter FoodClique. A non-governmental organization striving to end hunger in Nigeria by donating perishable and non-perishable food to individuals in the most impoverished communities.

Our solution was really very simple; we work with clients across several verticals who use digital media buy to extend awareness around their products or services or to amplify reach for their content, most of these clients have digital media budgets which they use in buying media from the popular social media platforms, our solution was to offer these private businesses or brands the opportunity of using an individual’s social media timeline as a way to gain the required awareness for their product or service and in return they give a portion of their digital media budgets towards providing meals to children and families who desperately need them.

It works in this way, a brand or business buys media and places their ad on SocialMeals, individuals like you and me, who care enough about the hunger issue in Nigeria come to SocialMeals and share these branded content on their individual social media timelines, either Facebook or Twitter, by agreeing to share these ads on their social media timelines these individuals help extend the brand’s message and in turn the brand makes available a portion of their digital media spend in providing meals to children and families in impoverished communities in Nigeria through FoodClique. 

The brand gets the awareness and exposure it desires through individuals who share the brand’s message across their individual social media timelines, those who share contribute towards ending hunger by taking action in their own little way on platforms that they already regularly use. Initial feedback looks promising and interesting, brands would normally target specific individuals to show their branded messages to, in this scenario these individuals are the ones actively sharing the brands message towards achieving a common goal of ending hunger.

We are still only at the fringes of what technology and the power of social media can do in addressing some of the issues that we face on a daily basis, it is our ardent desire that this platform will be able to provide meals and in turn smiles on the faces of many who lack them, as well as also inspire others to create similar platforms to address the many challenges that we collectively face today

If you manage a brand or own a business and you want to be a part of helping #EndHunger please use the website to reach out to us or just email hello@amplify.ng and together we can start filling little tummies with food. http://socialmeals.com.ng

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