A Marketers Guide To Attracting Quality Leads on Facebook.

Alexander Edem , Digital Marketing Strategist.

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on April 5, 2017

By deepening engagement from qualified leads you have a goldmine of prospects that could be converted to leads and eventually to sales.

Sometime in late 2016, I was asked by a friend to help with their hiring process after they got some not to impressive results from their initial trials. They were looking for additions to their marketing department and since my friend knew I worked in that space he invited me to look in on the candidates for them. Using the online job boards and recruitment platforms available, notice was sent out of the company’s intention to hire.

Within two hours the designated receiving platforms were already bursting at the seams with resumes, the resumes continued to pour in all day and by the beginning of the next day the web portal had crashed from the overwhelming traffic.

They then began the not so happy work of sorting through resume’s looking for keywords and personality traits that matched the advertised position. I actually joined them during the start of the interview stage and my job was to see no evil, hear no evil, I wasn’t there in any official capacity I was there to keep my mouth shut and listen to see if I picked up something I liked, even though I disliked and still do till today the recruitment process of submitting resumes, writing aptitude tests and coming for interviews, my job was not to air my personal opinion but to help pick out suitable candidates.

Whilst I have no doubt that we still have very bright graduates with exceptionally high intellectual qualities, sadly, on this occasion it took us several months of wasted time and resources before narrowing down to the few good men who eventually went on to being hired. This exercise reinforced in me the need to actually generate quality leads from a basket of near possibles, rather than looking at an all comer’s affairs strategy.

Some months after this episode another friend of mine invited me to take a look at their Facebook brand page, he was convinced that his company’s page was going to be hijacked as he had been receiving threats from unknown quarters. After initial research, we were able to find out that an earlier marketing campaign had exposed the page to individuals from other countries who had no connections whatsoever with their brand in the name of increasing numbers of likes and who also had ulterior motives, it took a lot of Facebook support and cleaning out the closet to weed out the unscrupulous elements, but as could be imagined that led to both a decline in numbers and engagement on the page, it ultimately led to the company being disenfranchised with their social marketing efforts and shutting down its Facebook page.


Marketers have for long encountered the same problem, how do I get high quality leads from my Facebook marketing to either justify the marketing spend on that platform or to help with closing sales, deals etc. The problem with many brand managers and marketers is that we see the Facebook brand page as just another social media platform that should be used, not because of its huge potentials,  but because of the fact that everyone is already on it, this results in a situation were the measurement metrics are often omitted whilst we focus on vanity metrics like Facebook Likes, we even set this as a metric for the digital Agencies,

We were once asked by a client to deliver 150,000likes to their Facebook page in a week with a set budget, no strategy, no clear cut reason to amass a social following and no idea of what to do with this following after it had been acquired, we politely declined. Generating quality leads on Facebook for your business is what will result in the all elusive ROI from social media that has given a lot of CMO’s and businesses sleepless nights, let’s look at ways in which we can attract these leads.

Create High Quality Compelling Content; The saying that garbage in, garbage out is very apt for Facebook marketing, content that is low quality always attracts low quality leads, think about all the spammy content on Facebook where you are told to type Amen or claim a reward, those pages get visited by only low quality leads.

The key to delivering quality content is understanding who your target audience on Facebook are, if you are targeting young women from 18-35yrs old, then your content will be different from a brand targeting men between the same age range, what you have to do then is create content for your target audience, always have a target audience in mind and create the kinds of content that audience segment will enjoy, this is the first step to attracting high quality leads beyond brand recognition. Your content must also be able to deliver value in some form to your targeted audience either in terms of being informative, entertaining or educational.

If your social community management is handled by an external agency, make sure the agency shares an editorial calendar with you for a quarter or at least a month, this will keep both parties on the same page regarding content development, endeavor not to leave the complete running of your social profiles in the hands of your digital agencies alone.

Integrate Facebook into your Sales Funnel; the number one metric that all marketers using Facebook should be concerned about is not the number of Likes, it’s the number of Leads. A lead is a prospect, one of your goals with marketing on Facebook should be to generate as many quality leads as you possibly can, which will eventually lead to your closing a sale with that prospect. You can integrate your Facebook marketing efforts into your sales funnel by,

Creating A Landing Page; A high converting landing page is necessary to convert leads from your Facebook marketing activities,  but remember our goal is in converting only high quality leads, let me illustrate with an example. I am the brand manager for a furniture making brand that has women between the ages of 20-45 as the main target market, this market segment are well educated and are constantly looking for ways to improve their living space at home. I come up with a 15page e-book that I call ‘Creating An Awesome Living Space on A Budget”.

My e-book is both a guide for my prospects in creating their space on a lean budget and is complete with shops, what to buy, where to buy and for how much as well a detailed step by step guide on colors, etc., it is also on the other hand a Look book that has eye catching visuals and imagery that includes my furniture (product) in action either being used within a particular context or as a standalone showcase.

After creating my wonderful e-book/Look book I create a high converting landing page that enables me receive the names and email addresses of everyone who will download this free e-book. On the back end, I set up an email automation system that enables me craft beforehand specific email messages that subscribers will receive after they download, these messages could be lead nurturing emails or high impact sales email that will push interested subscribers to an immediate purchase.

The last thing I do is then go on Facebook and create a promoted post with detailed targeting that links to my landing page with the aim of extending the reach of my post beyond its organic reach, then I go to sleep. Of course I don’t actually go to sleep, but what happens is I have created a sales funnel and used Facebook as the necessary traffic driving platform to drive specific targeted traffic to a space I own and control, I then offer an irresistible, valuable content that enables my leads give me their email addresses where they receive messages that I have already crafted for them

Another example, is that of a Marketing Manager of a B2B business that sells laptops and printers for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This marketing manager wants to really tap into the every growing small business industry in Nigeria. He starts by creating a small business resource guide on his Facebook page as a tab.

This small business resource guide is complete with valuable information, tools and kits for small businesses like calculators, downloadable invoices and free business templates, tips on how to get paid by clients etc. A good marketer will have an external high converting landing page outside of Facebook,  but uses the reach of Facebook to attract small business owners, small business owners are humans and a lot of them are on Facebook either representing their small businesses or as individuals who are using the social platform.

Again, he uses the Facebook ads option with targeting to extend the reach of his lead generation campaign by advertising the resources that he has created for small business owners, they then come to his page to use or download the resource. This can be done in two ways, either through the Facebook tab embedded within his brand page or by linking away to his external landing page that captures the prospects details.

He steadily guides his newly acquired lead through a sales funnel, by creating lead nurturing emails that continue to give valuable information to the acquired leads on how to grow their small business, how to scale up their operations, their marketing plans and every help he can give to them, when he’s ready to close a sale with a product he will include that no small business can be run on a less than stellar computing machine, he then presents his laptops and highlights all the cool features of the product and how they will enable his prospect’s business run smoothly and more effectively.

Guess who they will buy from the next time they intend to change their laptops, your guess is as good as mine.

Create higher quality engagement with existing fans.

The best way to continually generate quality leads from Facebook is to deepen engagement, there are brands in Nigeria with upwards of a million likes on Facebook who are clueless on how to deepen engagement, generate quality leads and close sales. If all you do on Facebook is spend money on advertising you are making Mark richer everyday, using Facebook current share price the dude is worth $58.6billion. What you need to do is start making yourself or your company rich as well.

While the number of total impressions on a particular post may go down because you’re targeting only your most qualified leads on Facebook your engagement should rise because fans are seeing messages they care about. And more shares, comments, “likes” and interactions directly lead to more fans and friends of fans seeing your post in their feed — whether or not you have ever paid for a promoted post.

There is a strategic downside here, though. Getting the most out of this feature means admins will have to gather quality information about their audience and then create targeted content. That could mean a serious investment of time and resources. But knowing your audience, especially if you market on social media, is priceless — and not just on Facebook.

By deepening engagement from qualified leads you have a goldmine of prospects that could be converted to leads and eventually to sales. There are some marketing and brand managers who say their goal is to build brand awareness and publicity, I say that this is good, but there must also be connections with how you intend to convert all that brand awareness into topline revenue for your brand, your competitors are surely not thinking only of brand awareness when using Facebook.

The trick here is to think like a small business, very little funds, yet you need to make the most out of the platform to keep your business going, when you start thinking like a small business owner while using Facebook, your obsession switches from vanity metrics e.g. Likes to leads, conversions, landing pages top and bottom lines, you weed away the unnecessary and only put your best foot forward.

To your success.


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