Creating Effective Digital Ad Campaigns Leveraging Rich Media

Kofoworola Shittu , Social Media and Content Marketing Executive

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on February 27, 2017

Rich Media are sure options against counterproductive elements such as Banner Blindness, Ad Clutter, and Digital Fatigue (customers overwhelmed by so many ads they consider all ads irrelevant).

Every brand/business wants to be seen, heard and interacted with at 5x higher rate compared to its competitors, rich media ads gives brands the ability to engage their target audience at deeper levels than standard banners can

Year round the average consumer is exposed to 4-5 ads within 5 seconds of commuting and surfing on a daily basis. They have probably seen it all from digital billboards to sponsored social post, search intent ads, pop-ups, in-app, SMS, standard display ads and countless other ways every digital marketer’s strategy thought it creative and adequate to get their brand/business in the face of the customer and guide to a point of making a purchase decision.
Despite being brilliant, efficient and overwhelming all at the same time. These forms of ads have long been used and call for the imminent need for brands and businesses to break from the usual in exploring fresh and innovative ideas to sell with media formats.

Rich Media are premium Ad formats with advanced audio-visual features embedded that allow for enriched interactions, increased exposure, enriched interactions, and shared customer experience that will evoke advocacy, push potential customers to a point of purchase.
Rich Media are sure options against counterproductive elements such as Banner Blindness, Ad Clutter, and Digital Fatigue (customers overwhelmed by so many ads they consider all ads irrelevant).


What Digital Campaign is deserving of Rich Media?
1. A digital campaign strategy which requires to be seen, heard, and interacted with on a highly interpersonal level. Its dynamic layout allow for your target audience exploring your brand/business/product in no time, generate leads and possibly get them to share with their family and friends.

2. A digital campaign strategy that is way more than generating immediate clicks, but evoke brand lift and recall. Using Rich Media Ad, being unique and distinctive is a walk in the park. It allows brand show their target audience how awesome their brand/business/product is and get deep insights on how they will interact with it in a real-life scenario.

3. A digital campaign strategy that requires short-term conversions. The secret to triggering immediate sales at the launch of a product is providing the customer with reduced steps to their point of purchase. Using the flexibility Rich Media Ads have to offer in terms of elements, features and mechanics, marketers can achieve short-term conversions.

Right now other forms of Display Ads give your brand/business/product 40% percent chance of being seen (even at this rate, it’s still a “maybe or maybe not” chance for static, flash or cinemagraph ads). Rich Media Ads allow for maximum exposure, attract your target audience’s attention within 10 seconds and make an indelible impression.
With Rich Media Ads, there is no reason to limit your creative, innovative and interactive zest. It is engaging, measurable and effective in reducing the steps to conversion for your target audience whilst achieving your communication and business objectives.

Remember, make sure that beyond making your Rich Media Ads big, beautiful and bold, that it is also functional, resonates with your target audience and achieves your digital marketing objectives.

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