5 Modern Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Alexander Edem , Digital Marketing Strategist.

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on February 27, 2017

Millennials are interested in the HOW. How is your product or service being communicated to them? How does it work in their lives? How do they engage further with your brand on social

Without doubt the millennial generation remains the most sought after by big brands and marketers, yet also remain the most demanding for obvious reasons. Millennials (18-34) whilst on the one hand are open to new ideas, brands and lifestyles, are also known to have a constantly changing set of habits, interests and concerns, making it harder for brands to entice and entertain them as well as provide them with the engaged and unforgettable experiences that they will be willing to share with their peers
Millennials are interested in the HOW. How is your product or service being communicated to them? How does it work in their lives? How do they engage further with your brand on social). Here, we’ll show you 5 ways brands should be marketing to Millennials.

1. Go Social and Mobile

We all know Millennials and Social Media are a perfect match, so what better way to reach them via digital channels. They love convenience, this explains why they will always go mobile and love to share interesting contents. With social media, brands can conveniently engage with the Millennials on the go to attain brand awareness and loyalty. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), has proven to be one of the most innovative and creative banks and a leading pioneer of Social banking, they were able to see the trend emerging amongst Millennials in terms of their use of social media, hence were able to leverage this insight to grab their attention with the right contents and offer their services right in their comfort zones.
They also created a mobile platform #737, where customers could conveniently transfer funds to their family and friends, Recharge instantly and send airtime, check account balance and perform other transactions that would ordinarily require you to come over to any of their branches while you fight over a space in the long queue. Now that’s smart thinking!

2. Personalize and make your products tailor-made

Millennials want brands to treat them as partners and not just market to them because of their wallets (Well…. We all know the brand’s end goal is sales, but it shouldn’t be obvious). Coca Cola came out with a bang with a better understanding of millennials craving for personalized experiences with its “Share A Coke” campaign. They made their bottles personalized to the consumers and created a website where customers could customize their own bottles, send a customized birthday message to a friend and share via social media. This spiked sales and engagement. It increased brand loyalty and conversion of new consumers.


3. You need an influencer!

Influencers play a big role in adding value to a brand campaign, increasing brand loyalty and driving engagement. Let’s take a look at the telecom giant, MTN, who leveraged on its brand ambassadors/influencer pretty well. During a campaign for one of its product, MTNPulse, they used Don Jazzy (Most loved by Nigerians that fall within the Millennial generation with 1.71 Million followers on Twitter) to kick-start the campaign with the hashtag #ItsWhoWeAre. His tweets got great impressions and engagement, that within an hour most of his followers and other tweeps started using the hashtag tweeting about their aspirations.


4. Speak directly to them and Be Authentic

Millennials crave that sense of connection with a brand and its authenticity. You need to tap into their emotions, desires and specific interest to develop content that resonate with them. Connect millennials with not only your products, but with stories this further leads to brand loyalty. What projects your brand as authentic depends on how you position your brand to these demanding customers- the Millennials. Just when we had no hope for transport services in Nigeria, God is Good Motors (GIGM) nailed it by positioning themselves as an authentic brand and going further to create a good reputation online. Their digital campaign was built on authentic tone of voice and a good use of videos that increased awareness and engagement with the brand.


5. Be trendy, creative and fun

Millennials scour the Internet and social media to create and join in trends. By understanding this behaviour, Pepsi created a hashtag #ThingsILongThroatFor engineered by top Nigerian celebrities who were also their Ambassadors. Fans tapped into this trend, which created a fun, trendy and creative experience for the target audience; did it result to more sales for Pepsi? The jury is still out on that, but what it did was to increase brand lift for the Pepsi brand in Nigeria in a category where its major competitor had already achieved tremendous success with its “Share a Coke” campaign.

The Millennial generation above all else, crave authenticity in brand communication, activations or digital campaigns; this we believe should be the first and most important element when marketing to millennials.

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