5 Digital Marketing Platforms to Use In 2017

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on March 14, 2017

The micro-moments of your customers/consumers will influence the way you sell in 2017

As succinctly defined by Think With Google:

“Micromoments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.”

Here are a few tools that you can include in your 2017 digital marketing strategies to meet your customers/consumers at their micro-moments:


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a fool-proof tactic to drive better, relevant, and qualified traffic to your website whilst increasing its visibility. This involves the use of organic and paid advertising keywords, tags and links optimization.

Top of Mind Awareness
Brand Lift – Positive Shift in Perception
Favourable Industry Reputation

Platform of Use
Owned Media – Social Media Platforms and Website
DoubleClick Exchange (Double Click Search, Double Click Campaign Manager, Double Click Bid Manager)

Use of keyword planner and display planner to search for relevant keywords and placements related to the context of your website and other owned media. The planner helps define suitable keywords and placements based on prominence, value, and search volume. Insertion links and Meta tags allow for inbound and outbound traffic to, from and within your website and other owned media. Also helping with your website structure in allow search engine spiders crawl your website in achieving visibility (by ranking for these relevant keywords).

Pay per Click serves as an advanced paid method to increase your chances to get your website ranking on the first search result page. This can be accessed via AdWords.
Use of DoubleClick is advisable when running a large campaign with a huge budget this allows for easy placements, tracking, and optimization. Some DoubleClick tools include:
DoubleClick Search (DCS) – search campaign across Google, popular search engines, and its partner publishers)
DoubleClick Digital Campaign Manager (DCM) – for serving display ads and tracking the digital print of visitors to your owned assets.
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) – display & video ads across GDN and other major display exchanges)


Video Marketing
Video Marketing is an innovative way to save your consumers/audience from having to deal with reading so much text, get all the message you want to pass across within a short time in an appealing manner.

1. Creating a Digital Buzz
2. Recognition and Recall
3. Brand Lift
4. Positioning
5. Favourable Industry and Product Category Reputation

Platform of Use
1. Social Media – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
2. Publisher Sites – Blogs, Streaming Sites,
3. DoubleClick Campaign Manager (Embedded in Rich Media)

Video Marketing provides a platform that allows for innovative, explicit, and creative ideas. Just the same way you will construct your tweets in a conversational manner, this is also applicable to your videos it should be done in sequential manner in that in becoming of your build-up to an event or ingrained deeply in achieving your campaign objectives. Also, ensure it is relatable in that it is simple, logical and realistic in evoking shared experiences.
Use Short-Form Videos – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Ads and Long-Form Video – Publish on YouTube for comprehensive information.
Always keep in mind that if it’s simple they will like it.


Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing presents brands with the opportunity to tell their story at the grassroots level by leveraging on the network of individuals with influence who make opinions that people care about and subscribe to.

1. Word of Mouth
2. Participation, Feedback and Advocacy
3. Favourable Industry Reputation

Platform of Use
1. Blogs
2. Vlogs
3. Social Media Platforms

Think Specific, Contextual and Relevance when it comes to grafting influencer marketing into your campaign. Start by understanding your target audience online consumer behaviour across your selected platforms. From how they discover content, how they react to this content, the outcome of their reaction (does It result to a like, share, tag, commenting), and do they make a decision based on the call-to-action. Then discover the right influencers that fit within target/buyer personality of your brand that has a connection, cares about what your brand/business does and can create/publish/share/monitor content that can influence your online target audience. Get to know them and build trust by working hand in hand in creating content for your brand.


Mobile Marketing
In the advent of increased use of mobile devices and app downloads & usage, Mobile Marketing is an advantageous resource to promote your products, services, and ideas in a personalized and location-sensitive way to a constantly creating, curating and connected online audience.

1. Lead Generation (build and maintain a database of relevant leads)
2. Customer Lifetime Value (Relationship-Based)

Platform of Use
1. App-based marketing: In-app Ads (Adwords)
2. SMS marketing: Short-Codes
3. Push Notifications
4. QR Codes
5. Bluetooth
6. Proximity Systems

Mobile Marketing is solely dependent on your campaign needs and objectives. For fast and easy conversion, with 60 characters and a short link, SMS works well with individuals across different socio-economic class with a smartphone or feature phone.
For a more tech-inclined audience, you can try using Push Notifications (app-based marketing alongside in-app purchases and targeted ads) and QR Codes (using 2D images linked to your website that can be scanned wherever it is placed by a smartphone). Proximity systems and Bluetooth can be used for location based or sensitive campaigns where individuals within a particular geographical location can receive a broadcast or message from a connected source.

The rule of thumb in ensuring your database contains relevant leads is by making sure the option opt-in and opt-out is made available to consumers.


Programmatic works well if you seek a platform that will deliver authentic and guaranteed ad impressions on specific platforms, to a specific target audience, and at a specific time in advance. This reduce the stress of contacting publishers to insert ads and adding tags to track the campaign

1. Increased Reach and Engagement
2. Segmentation
3. Contextual/Niche Marketing
4. Greater Marketing Efficiency

Platform of Use
1. Social Media Advertising (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
2. Search and Display Advertising Networks (AdWords and DoubleClick)
3. Content Distribution Syndicate (Outbrain)
4. Out-Of-Home Digital Boards

Programmatic requires a large advertising spend and a customized & detailed campaign plan. Therefore it is important that when making futuristic decisions as done with programmatic buys, the strategy employed must be solidly based on gleaned insights/data on the consumer’s behaviour online. This gives you a true path to follow in achieving your objectives successful.

Secondly, think of Programmatic as “a means to an end” not “an end in itself”. Yes, programmatic helps you reach your target audience, with your customized message, and at a specific period without interruptions or setbacks. Then again, this can also be supported with other channels that will serve as a knowledge hub (that can be your website) or “close sales hub” (a landing page with the needful prerequisites to make a purchase) amongst others.

Lastly, programmatic is only a means to push consideration and purchase intent but will never serve as a way to build relationships. As programmatic only provides one way to send information but lacks the ability create that interactive environment between your brand/business and the target audience. Digital Marketing is really about connecting and communicating it is therefore important to use support channels to back your programmatic buying.

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