When we refuse to acknowledge the power that the customer of today has, it most times results in an over-inflation of a brand’s self-worth. The customer’s demand validates the degree to which a brand is successful in today’s marketplace.

Today’s connectedness allows the customer the power to choose from a basket of offerings and the weapon of choice in making this decision is research and information gathering.

Modern content marketing as we know it evolved from the fact that today’s customers are connected and the only way to influence buying decisions is through communication and content, bonus points if your brand content is helpful.

Think about it, a larger percentage of what you know today and that which shapes your world view has been influenced by the content you have consumed, this allows you to discern and make choices amongst a basket of competing alternatives.

Whether you are just starting with marketing or you are a tried and tested veteran you should be applying and mapping your content strategy to all phases of the customer buying journey to enable you to influence consideration for your brand or business.

See this newly found power of the customer as being to your advantage, never in our history has it been this easy to cause differentiation and influence consideration for your brand or business as it is today, aligning brand communication with a strategy that has the customer at the center is a recipe for success.