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Go money has all the features millennials need, from making transactions to tracking your spendings. What’s the use if you have an innovative product without actual users, right? So we created a campaign to help launch the product to the audience using an influencer led engagement and waitlist strategy to increase awareness and drive app installs.

Do more with your money.

Technology and innovation excites us and that was what connected us to GoMoney by Sterling - an app that allows users to make transactions, send and request money from friends. We created a digital campaign strategy to create awareness and drive app downloads and activation.


from zero to 10,000 sign ups

To drive sign-ups for the waitlist for the pre-launch phase, we partnered with influencers who engaged with their audience through a Twitter led campaign ‘’MagicInYourHands’’ which described what the app can do but in a fun way. We were able to get 2000 sign-ups in the first week.

Every woman should have a choice

The #BeLydiaSmart Campaign campaign helped us raise awareness about family planning and the Lydia IUD, as well as helped in educating the audience and driving IUD adoptions amongst the target audience.

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