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Thinking Beyond Today.

The Beyond Today marketing campaign by FBNQuest, sought to redirect the target audience away from the need for instant gratification and focus more on building and growing wealth that aligns with your future financial goals.

Looking beyond today.

Investing generally comes with problems around trust, safety, and poor ROIs from investment companies, it becomes a challenge to get customers to invest, especially for the long term.

We created a digital campaign strategy to create awareness and drive customer adoption for their mutual fund products. 



Financial education at your fingertips

Who says finance or achieving your financial goals should be difficult? We created educational content and a microsite that simplifies the various investment products, what to know about each mutual fund and how to invest.

What is your financial personality?

We had to ensure that we weren’t just selling . We also wanted to position FBNQuest as an investment partner who can be counted on to help the target audience make better financial decisions.

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FBNQuest Asset Management
FBNQuest Asset Management

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