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Whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

At Amplify, we combine our understanding of the digital consumer of today with your business needs to develop strategic digital approaches for customer acquisition, retention and revenue.

Product and Growth Marketing

We will help define goals, crystallize your target segment, establish performance metrics, and execute the strongest integrated media mix to drive customers to where you want them to go enabling you acquire and scale users.

Performance Marketing

Amplify leverages a combination of deep industry expertise and AI back optimization platforms to buy the most efficient media to drive performance for your brand. We place media strategically to tie into our creative big idea and reach the audience in those moments of relevance for your brand.

Digital Campaign Execution

From strategy to execution, we work with you to develop digital campaigns that meet business goals and objectives and drive bottom line revenue for your business. Our campaigns are leverage all of our in-house capabilities to deliver results for your business.

Creative Studio

We give our clients access to best in class creative executions that are fuelled by real consumer insights. Our creative services deliver executions that communicate benefits over features and that drives action. Our creative services deliver messaging that is built around value for your customers.

Digital Product Development

From landing pages to customer dashboards, we leverage best in-class ui/ux design to deliver on products that actually drive better experiences for your users.

Social Media Marketing

Today’s social currency is customer engagement. We design our social media marketing campaigns to help you drive top of mind with your target market as well engage with them at every step of the customer journey.

Accelerate your Brand Performance

Creating powerful, performance-based narratives for your brand is what Amplify is all about. We leverage data-centric, transactional information to create compelling stories for driving business objectives and helping you scale success across all digital properties.
Every project starts with a consultation to help us understand your business needs and goals. We present probing questions that help our clients gain clarity and see potential opportunities.
During this phase, we do a thorough analysis of your business, products, services, competition and target audience. This research helps us unearth key insights that we can leverage to give your business competitive advantage.
Leveraging on proprietary quantitative analysis research we develop messaging and creative executions that resonate with your target audience and that drive adoptions and performance.
We continue to rapidly iterate and optimize throughout the entire phase of the project, the goal being how to successfully grow all our key north metrics for your business and ultimately achieve revenue objectives.
Our growth strategies are built on successful testing and experimentation. We carry out a series of minimum viable tests based on our hypothesis, these tests allow us to validate everything from our creative execution to our conversion rate assumptions and more.

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