Redefining your Pension Experience.

The AIICO Pensions app is specially tailored to meet customer needs regarding account information using mobile phones.

iOS Android UI/UX

Idea & Strategy

We did an in-depth research of the pensions industry in Nigeria, who the target audience was and the likelihood of adoption. After which we came up four (4) main objectives which the app has to achieve for it to be adopted and create ROI for AIICO pensions. The key objectives were; Engagement, Value creation, Leads & sales generation and brand equity for AIICO.


Another primary aim is that we design & develop an app that can combat the issue of mobile App redundancy especially brand apps. The features have to be able to keep users engaged and actively using the app by weaving it into their day to day routine through its features, design, and functions.



We developed a functional, intelligent and predictable mobile app (AIICO+). AIICO+ does the basics function of keeping customers up to date with their account, while also carrying out other engaging and fun activities.  Other features to keep users engaged include sports, daily planner and retirement calculator.


The App also doubled as a lead generation and product upgrade platform. The app was a huge success with customers adopting and using it frequently, also suggesting contents and features that they will like to see on the App. New customers signing up and opening RSA Account’s directly and easily from the platform.




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