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There’s always a place for everyone, is this the place for you?

We are about keeping an open space where you can spur great ideas that move us and wow our clients. For us, it’s about putting in the hours to come up with works that set the trail and break new grounds.

We believe in putting you on the path that grows you and makes you the person you’ve always dreamt of. Our approach is one that is brutally honest, passionate and resilient. We believe in humble beginnings that lead to great endings. It's not a matter of how much you know, but how much more you can take in.

We work hard, but we choose not to take ourselves too seriously. We make everything playful, positive and passionate.


We work with
people not brands

What’s a brand without the people? In today’s business, customer is king and we hold this trend tightly by working for the people that matter to your brand. We believe this will bring your brand to the limelight faster than you think.


We do only
impactful work

For us, the impact is made when ideas are fresh and destined to sell the business. We strive for not just delivering the best kinds of marketing activities, we also strive for defining best practices for our clients and competitors to follow.


We keep setting
the bar high

We live for the fast paced and constantly evolving dynamics of the digital world, this empowers us to relentlessly look for new (easier, faster) ways to do old things. Whether it’s in branding, marketing strategy or digital product development, setting an example for others to follow.

Culture/ Perks

At Amplify, we have a lifestyle that encourages collaboration over competition, positivity over negativity and possibilities over pressure. We reward every result achieved with a wide array of perks and indulgences.


Cutting-edge technology

We believe in technology and what it can do in marketing. We are passionate about using technology to drive our marketing campaigns and create the results you desire.


Innovation at its peak

If it’s old we are not satisfied, if it’s the norm we are bored. From time to time, we ideate and search for the diamond in the dust when it comes to innovative marketing ideas.


Dynamic culture

What a suit and tie can do, a hoodie and jeans can do better. We are a team of young, creative and fun marketers that love what we do and the results thereof.


User Experience is our focus

In our world, the people have the power; because without them, brands wouldn’t stand. That’s why we work tirelessly to satisfy your customers so you make a profit. That’s our win-win strategy.


Join the A-Listers

Join our fun yet a professional team that contribute to the growth factor of the brands we manage and see what it means to make an impact.


Endless Dose of Creativity

Get ready to spur your sense of imagination with bold and mind-blowing concepts. Discover the awesomeness in design thinking and how it can help propel a brand’s message.