How To Be A Killer Marketer In Nigeria.

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Nigerians are by far the most creative people that I know of, they can practically take the most serious issues and turn them into funny memes for use on social media channels and as displays pictures on Bbm, no wonder we were voted as the happiest people on the planet, despite the harsh realities of living in Nigeria. When the NSCDC gaffe happened, we took to twitter and other channels to express our creative sides, from Oga At the Top deejay remixes to memes and funny creative lines, there was no lack of creativity in our expression and use of the incident, several other incidences have cemented our pride of place as the people with the most creative use of any issue for light hearted jokes.


What have we as marketers and brand managers learnt from these episodes? To remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape we must be prepared to respond in real time, using newsworthy incidents, milestones or even historical dates to tell our brand story and improve engagement with our followers.


We have now amassed armies of followers on twitter and Facebook and these armies must be fed and they can only be fed by creative use of content in delivering your brand story. The Digital Age has thrown up so many new marketing language, years ago we were content with learning the 4P’s now we must add social media, influencer marketing, SEO, Content marketing, digital advertising, conversion optimization, email marketing and now real time marketing and growth hacking. The truth today is that marketers and brand managers now wear many hats in other to achieve their marketing and brand objectives, but to truly be a Killer marketer in todays Digital Age, we must arm ourselves with what it takes to compete in this new world.


Be Social

Being social as a brand or as a company is about investing in a social media strategy that works for you. The important thing to consider here is to have a unique strategy that will help amplify your goals and business objectives, do not get into social media by hopping on the bandwagon, the result of this misadventure is around us for us to see. Using social media without any clear strategy leads to disenfranchisement and budget cuts from superiors who are only too willing to take a stab at social as being a kids playground not a real marketing platform.


If you are engaging a digital agency to maintain and act as your brand’s social community managers, make sure to create a communication line between brand and agency that helps both parties operate efficiently, your agency probably does not know your brand story (hopefully you do yourself).


Your agency will not be as engaged as you are with your brand and the key to ROI from social media is not in amassing followers but in social engagement. However to help mitigate this, it’s always wise to create a shared editorial calendar beforehand with your agency, have your marketing team look up important dates and key milestones in your company’s calendar and weave this into your editorial calendar, also make provisions for real time marketing by having a speedy approval process for your agency to react to events as they happen in a clever way that will tie in with your company’s overall social strategy.


Deepen Engagements

At the last count, there have been a couple of Nigerian brands that have broken the 1million fan Facebook milestone and we say big congratulations to them, but of what use are one million fans if you do not have a strategy on how to sustain and keep these fans continually engaged with your brand. There is a very thin line between Facebook likes being a vanity metric and the platform being a genuine source of engagement and this all ties in with your social media strategy assuming you have one.


A discerning marketer in today’s digital age is involved with its brands social following, whether they handle the community management process or not. This is because when push becomes shove you alone have to face up to your boss on why he should continue to invest in social and you better be armed with more than the number of likes from your social channels.


A Killer marketer also leverages technology and creative customer segmentation strategies in determining just who their followers are, what do they do, their economic status and if they even belong to the brand’s target audience, big data is a marketers weapon in winning the social war, someone said recently that todays marketing departments should be hiring statisticians as marketers due to the amount of data they have to sort through.


If your social community management process is outsourced, sit down with your digital agency and ask the hard questions, find out how you are acquiring followers either organically or paid, seek to gather followers organically rather than paying to acquire, find out what segmentation process is being used to identify the profile of your social followers and last of all, how is the sales funnel being directly integrated with your social channels to eventually result to lead generation, nurturing and then sales.


Think Creatively

Don’t subscribe to the status quo, “this is how we do it here mentality” that is very common in Nigerian establishments, it will never get you or your brand to the level that you deserve, hence every marketer must now be a creative thinker, embrace your creative sides and delve deep into your product, by doing so you open up worlds of opportunities, collaborations and partnerships that you would have thought impossible.


One of our major problems as marketers and brand managers is the disconnect between us and our brands a lack of delving deep or deep diving as I like to call it, by really immersing yourself into your brand from an end user point of view, you gain the kind of clarity that big data may not be able to give to you as yet, in this clarity lies the ability to turn an ailing brand or company from zero to hero.


Deep diving requires deep thinking and increased and sustained concentration levels, you forget the fact that you are a marketer and place yourself firmly in the shoes of your end user, how will they see my brand or product, In what ways should i approach them? What will instantly appeal to them? These questions always throw up a better understanding of our customers and these often times result in the best marketing campaigns.


Your job as a marketer is to sell your product at the highest price possible to as many people as you can, if indeed you understand the basics of human nature, you quickly realize that customers do not want to be sold to, they want to feel as if the decisions on what they buy lies solely with them, creative and deep thinking gives clarity to marketers on how to position their products, brands or company in the best possible light in the minds of their target audience so that their customers feel they are making buying decisions of their own accord.


Invest in Technology

If there’s one thing we all know and universally acknowledge it is that technology is the game changer with marketers and this technology will continue to shape the way we market our products and services. A recent study shows that CMO’s will invest more in technology by 2017 than CIO’s, this goes a long way to show the impact of technology in marketing today, to be a killer marketer in today’s digital age, you must understand the role technology will play in marketing and how you can keep your brand or company competitive by leveraging technology.


Investing in and understanding technology and its application to marketing will be the one defining attribute between marketers today and the marketers of the future. Today’s business environment is very volatile and we have lost what little margin there was for error, the pressure on marketers to perform optimally will continue to grow as companies seek to be leaner and more efficient both in allocation of resources and in seeking higher returns on investment.


The marketer or brand manager of today will be asked to be a magician and a marketer at the same time, however a good grounding in basic marketing principles coupled with a conscious strive towards self improvement as the marketing space evolves is more than enough to give you a firm grounding in today’s digital world.


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