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“The most careful thing is to dare”


  Shimon Peres



I recently sat down with a prospective client discussing creative ways to gain attention for their brand through a campaign that was low cost, yet had the possibility for lead generation and brand awareness for the brand amongst its target audience. I spoke for over an hour, using examples, references and case studies to make my point, I genuinely liked the brand, so our campaign wasn’t borne out of a need to make my agency hugely profitable from the account, but out of the fact that we were seeing something that they clearly weren’t seeing and we believed our campaign was going to help them tremendously with awareness and lead generation.


When we asked for feedbacks from the team, we were made to understand that being on the agency side, we were seeing things a bit differently, that their priority wasn’t in creative marketing campaigns with brand awareness potentials but that it was in sales. They proceeded to lecture us on how the cost of doing business in Nigeria was astronomical and that they had to focus squarely on sales. They had previously embarked on some BTL marketing campaigns and they believed that this was the direction to go, this was not minding the fact that the cheapest product that the brand sold was between N150, 000 to N5, 000,000.


We got back to the office to make a post assessment of what happened and why we didn’t get buy-in from the brand. And what we found was that;


On the client side, many brands have failed to effectively synchronize their marketing and sales activities and a yawning gap exist between marketing and sales, many do not have a clear definition of what a Lead is and how they can qualify, nurture and convert leads from marketing campaigns, on the other hand companies that have a strong sales culture have a sophisticated CRM system and most use marketing automation softwares that can qualify a lead depending on the stage at which the lead currently is in the buyer’s journey and then using a lead scoring system will be able to prompt sales teams on when to reach out to leads.


On the agency side, we found that when pitching marketing campaigns with lead generation potentials, we should also take into consideration the clients’ sales systems and structures, if our campaigns result in brand awareness which would spike a 45% increase in visitors to a brands website for instance, and if these new visitors represents top of the funnel leads for the brand, then there must be a clear strategy on the agency part to demonstrate the buyers journey to the client and help institute the systems that will result in top of the funnel leads becoming customers for the brand and thus sales.


The business environment in Nigeria is definitely a high risk, high reward environment that rewards the bold and continually challenges the meek. Consequently, marketing agencies and their clients should be able to work together on several key areas of the marketing campaign to incorporate the processes and systems that will lead to achievable outcomes for both parties.


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