My Candidate Vs Your Candidate.

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Political campaigns exist only to win on Election Day; hence the objective of any political campaign marketing is to galvanize voters into action for your preferred candidate. Over the past month or so, the voting public has been inundated with all sorts of marketing messages from different political camps all vying for attention and buy-ins for their candidate. As with any marketing campaign the marketing objectives and the target audience dictate the medium to be used, however the medium is only a medium, the medium isn’t the message but only a platform that carries the message.


I have had several discussions with colleagues within the industry and one point that still stands out is that the message has been left out of all this whilst there is a scramble to be on as many platforms as possible. Truth is the numbers of posters or digital billboards or social media posts or even social media followers has no direct relation to a candidate winning an election on election day.


The two most critical aspects of political campaign marketing are the messageand the ability to galvanize action based on that message, every other thing is secondary and should be treated as such.


When Obama said “Yes we can” in 2008, we readily nodded in approval, his campaign team made his campaign message inspiring and aspirational, due to the general feeling of disappointment and let down after the Bush presidency. He was able to not only get his message out there, he also devised an ingenious system to galvanize voters into action primarily leveraging of social media and using analytics and data to understand the voting public.


Most political campaigns for this election have been unable to put out a consistent, powerful message across their marketing campaigns that is purposeful and consistent with their values and that is solely directed at galvanizing people into action, furthermore, they have been unable to set up the most important part of any campaign marketing plan which is a robust constituency relationship management system that feeds from all their marketing efforts and that does the job of galvanizing people to action either as volunteers or supporters.


It has become a case of My Candidate Vs. Your Candidate


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