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Mother's Day Campaign

The Brief.

With the launch of its new Ecobubble washing machine in Nigeria, Samsung Electronics wanted a way to introduce the target audience in this case Mothers to the product as well as create a platform for Mothers to engage with and experience the Ecobubble technology in the new range of its washing machines.

The idea will be to create product awareness as well as stimulate conversations on both Traditional and Online platforms around Mother’s day in Nigeria. The initiative will then culminate with an experiential activity and product awareness day at the Ikeja City Mall Lagos, Nigeria. Amplify digital was called in to design a digital campaign to enable product awareness as well as engage with the target audience.

Idea & Strategy.

Amplify worked closely with Samsung to develop an engaging social media activity campaign around Mother’s day, leveraging the #SamsungSuperMom social contest. The social contest was designed to increase involvement of everyone with a mom around the theme of Mother’s being super in their handling of several everyday. Campaign creatives and online ads followed this theme to create a story and consistent message across all platforms. Participants were required to upload a one minute video explaining why they feel their moms should be nominated as the #SamsungSuperMom as well as in what ways will having a brand new Samsung Ecobubble washing machine help reduce the amount of workload that their moms had to face daily.

The social contest was hosted on a dedicated Facebook tab on the brand’s Facebook page, visitors would be able to participate by coming to the tab to either upload their one minute video or voting for a video that they would like to see nominated as winner of the #SamsungSuperMom contest. Campaign content was amplified through a combination of paid social media ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as direct placements of native advertising with key online publishers. KOL’s, as well as online influencers helped in amplifying reach and engagement around the campaign reaching up to 40million impressions across all social media platforms.

Lastly, participants were encouraged to share their video links to friends to help increase virality and campaign reach for the campaign. Twenty winners were selected and invited with their Mother’s to an activation event held at the Ikeja City Mall were the ultimate winner was presented with a grand prize of a Samsung Ecobubble washing machine.


The campaign generated social buzz around the hashtag #SamsungSuperMom with the hashtag trending continuously for two weeks prior to the activation event and generating close to 10,000 mentions. The campaign saw a combined impressions of over 40million across the brands owned social media platforms with over 7,000 participants in the social contest and over 3,500 video submissions for the #SamsungSuperMom contest.

Brand interaction as a direct result of the campaign was up about 120% with combined total organic follows on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during the campaign period climbing to over 45%, the campaign also saw an upward trending of all the key brand metrics of awareness, attention, recall, favourability and intent. The campaign resulted in increased search intent for the keyword Samsung Ecobubble washing machine using a month on month comparison.

Sales of the washing machine continued to grow months after the campaign had ended with a lot of the sustained increase being as a result of the brand recall and brand favourability, two key brand metrics that were positively affected as a result of the campaign.

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