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Rich media are simply put interactive banner ads. Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.
Simple Banner ads were developed as an easy way to get a consistent message across multiple websites and users at once. But over time people developed ad blindness (web usability where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information and clearly do not notice the banners). As this happened, digital advertisers are developing ads that will become more and more disruptive trying to get and hold attention of their target audience.
Having said this, rich media ads are supposed to be 3 things at the word go, they should be:

  • Interactive
  • Innovative
  • Impactful

If not, it defeats the aim of the ad format. If all the 3 metrics are achieved then the results from rich media ads are:

1. Better Engagement
As earlier mentioned rich media ads can’t go unnoticed because of all its element (video, audio). Usually, it invokes curiosity and this leads to engagement. This engagement provides an uplift in brand awareness and message association.
2. More Call to Action
Unlike your static or GIF banner ads, you can have more than one CTA. With rich media ads, instead of only being able to link to one landing page, you can have different tap targets (buttons) to link to your social media outlets, contact form and landing page.
3. Higher Conversion Rate
Rich media ads outperform standard and animated display ads with increased conversions, click-through, and view through rates. In some cases, research has shown that rich media ads can have five times stronger click-through rates than standard display ads!
4. Content
The most banner text is usually less than 90 characters due to the standard banner sizes which have to contain images, text and CTA’s leaving you with limited space to work with. With a rich media ad, you have much more space to display photos, videos offer more calls to action and engage.
5. More Analytics
Yes, more actionable data to work with. With rich media ads, you have the opportunity to view other measurable statistics about your consumers. For example, with video ads, you can see how many people watched a video, or the percentage of videos viewed, which CTA people reacted to more and why.
Case Study of a Rich Media and Animated (static) Banner Ad
A rich media and the animated banner was activated on the same day for the same campaign and on the same platform although a slight difference in messages. One was a countdown banner and the rich media had a message. After 30 days the result was as follows:

Dataset CTR (%) Engagement Rate (%) Avg. Engagement Time (%) Avg. Video Playtime (sec) Viewability Rate (%)
Standard Banners 0.11 1.76 2.05 25.96
Rich Media Banners 0.42 13.45 11.39 10.09 72.23

CTR remains a widely used metric for optimizing and measuring performance campaigns. Banner type and format appear to have significant impact on the CTR. For Instance;

  • CTR for rich media banner is over 282% higher than standard banner
  • CTR for video banner is 264% higher than standard banners

Key Takeaways

  • For marketers seeking to drive campaign performance as measured by CTR, rich media and video banners (or both) appearto be the best solution.
  • With an engagement rate that 6 times better than standard banners, rich media banners are a smart choice for brands who wish to raise awareness for their products and services.


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