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The Brief.

MTN Mobile News Service is a subscription based content platform with various categories in Music, Gossip, Health, and Politics etc., which subscribers pay a set amount to get weekly or Monthly Text/MMS content updates in their chosen categories directly to their mobile phones.

The MTN MNS Team and Amplify worked to develop a digital campaign in line with the campaign objectives of increasing platform subscribers and product awareness.

The digital campaign kick started after a week of onboarding meetings to streamline objectives and clarify outcomes.

Idea & Strategy.

A responsive landing page was created as the necessary conversion point for incoming traffic that was being brought in from multiple platform sources.
Amplify requested for historical data from the MTN MNS team to help understand the product audience, the RACE digital strategy framework was then implemented to help create an effective digital campaign. RACE (Reach, Act, Convert and Engage) strategy was implemented in the MTN MNS Digital strategy.

1. Reach – For Campaign awareness Amplify leveraged on Content Promotion on Social Platforms about the Brand and Campaign communications.

2. Act – To increase engagement on social pages and Campaign landing page a Click-to-web ad was created by SEM and Social channels that supports the Organic/Paid ad objectives.

3. Convert – Leads from incoming traffic (Click-to Web Ads) was collected, which also led to conversion on the Landing page.

4. Engage – Build customer and fan relationship through time to achieve retention goals. Fans acquisition and interaction increased on all Social media platforms.

Based on the insights from the historical data, Content pillars were created for the Campaign and deployed on all social media channels. A Google search marketing campaign was included in to drive quality leads from search terms relating to the categories of products that were in use on the MTN MNS platform.


The Campaign strategy was to increase subscription by creating Contents based on the interest of the audience on the MTN MNS platform as well as driving online traffic from various digital touch points to the MNS landing page. The Campaign message also included an incentive, which was to grant subscribers on the Landing page a month free subscription to increase the chances for conversion.

This Campaign saw an acquisition increase of over 32% gaining 2200 subscribers within the first two weeks of the campaign. MTN MNS also saw significant increase in Brand lift in key metrics of awareness, recall and social page organic audience increase. A retention strategy was also implemented via an email subscriber newsletter service to help keep subscribers on the service beyond the average life span of a newly acquired subscriber.

Moving forward we continue to work with the brand in key areas of acquisition and retention, recently concluding on a double-sided referral-marketing programme to aid further in customer acquisition and retention.

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