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Social Media.

The ability to reach and engage with consumers at every stage of the consumer-buying journey is the hallmark of effective social media management. At Amplify Digital, our social media marketing is backed by data and research, allowing us make informed decisions about where and how we place our clients communication across social media platforms.


From social influencer marketing to community management and social strategy, how focus is on helping brands make the best use of owned, earned and paid media to capture and covert their target audience.

Search Engine Marketing.

Our search engine marketing relies heavily on a data first approach, we analyze our client’s industry, target audience and product and then combine our deep expertise in keyword targeting based on the target audience user intent, competitive analysis and optimization strategies to grow our clients online traffic through a combination of paid and organic search.


Our SEM focus is solely on driving sustained, relevant traffic to digital and mobile assets with the ultimate goal of either increasing conversions through specific call to action or raising awareness and brand building for our clients.

Content Marketing.

Content is the oil that drives all of our online activities, whether it is a creative visual, a short online video, an infographic, email content or a campaign’s key visual, we strive to create outstanding content that captures, connects and converts the online audience.


Our content strategy goal is to turn our clients into publishers, we work closely them to first understand their product and their audience and then create exceptional material tailored to the local audience that extends their brand goals, we work daily with several media partners, influencers to extend and amplify the reach of our clients content.

Results Driven Marketing


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