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What Are Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories, a new feature rolled out by Instagram that allows you share real-time and tailored stories as much as you want without making your fans/followers feel like you are “over posting” or being “intrusive”. Instagram Stories relatively share the same feature as Snapchat (a moments sharing platform) such as text edit (a caption of what your video is about) and also displays in a slide-show format.
How to get started with Instagram Stories
Have you spotted this sign “+” above your Instagram feed, on the far left to where your inbox icon? That’s where you click to get started.
Instagram Stories offers a collection of text and drawing tools like SnapChat, giving you that space to be creative in relating your message i.e. text and visuals in ways that help bring your story to life and more in tune with millennials.
Followers cannot comment, like or share stories you share. Followers can however send you Direct Message on the same interface where they view your stories.
You can also view stories shared by the individuals you follow. This is shown right above your Instagram feed in circled profile avatars.
What are the marketing implications for Brands and Businesses?
In the advent of the launch of Instagram Stories into the Nigerian cyberspace, one can only beg the question of what this might mean to brands and businesses on social media.
Asides countering the move of millennials to the ephemeral story-sharing platform, Snapchat, and enabling its users share more content without flooding their followers’ timelines. This might be the biggest chance for brands, businesses and marketers to seek a deeper way to engage with their fans by telling more personalized stories.
How do you effectively use Instagram Stories for your Brand or Business?
Now you have an idea of how Instagram stories works, here are four ways to use it effectively to tell your brand’s story:
Teasers don’t have to be as boring or follow the cliché format of countdown of (2 days to go). You can creatively show a sneak peek of the product or service you want to unveil in real-time. This will help create the buzz you want and raise curiosity which will allow for increased engagement and advocacy.
Drive Traffic
You can drive traffic and/or raise awareness for a campaign through this medium. E.g. to remind your audience of a promo that’s about to end or drive last minute sign ups or a campaign.

Gain more followers
Interesting Instagram stories will naturally attract more audience, since they will have something to look forward to.
More Content
Who doesn’t love to have extra content? Instagram Stories gives you the chance to create exclusive content, you can also download your stories and use them later.
Here’s a personalized way Mercedes Benz uses Instagram Stories


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