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Huawei Make A Wish Christmas Campaign.

The Brief.

Huawei Mobile understood the importance of brand loyalty, brand favourability as well as brand retention to their business and wanted to take the relationship with its customers a step further through the development of a stronger emotional connection. This required us to develop a festive season campaign for the brand in order to celebrate, appreciate and engage their customers through the Christmas season.

Idea & Strategy.

Traditionally, the month of December is a period of sharing, giving and receiving for our core targets group and majority of them are social savvy digital natives. A season where many wish their innate desires could come true. To be able to craft an emotional campaign with truly lasting brand benefits in the form of loyalty and retention, we realized that our campaign must strive to not be just ephemeral but must have at its core a genuine design by the brand to reward loyalty.

By making use of Twitter, a platform that had a huge number of the brands customers The “Huawei Make A Wish” campaign basically allowed customers to communicate their wishes to the brand in 140 characters or less using the hashtag #HuaweiWish and Huawei would grant these wishes.

An interactive mobile campaign-landing page was created which was linked to twitter. Users go to the landing page and make their Wish for the season which was published in form of a tweet and they had the opportunity to be part of the 50 people that Huawei would make their wishes come true. A combination of paid social media promotions, Instagram and twitter influencers and display advertising extended the campaign reach and popularity.


The campaign was well received by the target audience leading to over 250,000 page views in the first two weeks of the campaign going live. There were over 15,000 wishes uploaded to the landing page with over 850,000 votes cast online, the campaign generated over 60million paid and organic impressions on Facebook as well as reaching over 7million unique users.

Brand interaction as a direct result of the campaign increased by more than 150% with combined total organic follows on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during the campaign period climbing to over 40%.

The campaign hashtag HuaweiWish trended throughout the campaign month with conversations surrounding the campaign happening simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the campaign hashtag garnering over 63million impressions across the three platforms.

Campaign video content was co-created with Instagram influencer @crazeclown resulting in over 5,000 video views on Instagram reaching 33,000 unique people, the video also generated over 240,000 YouTube views during the campaign period. The term HuaweiWish emerged as a top search on Google Trends pointing towards an increase in brand favourability based on search intent.

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