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Huawei P8 Light Painting Campaign.

The Brief.

Huawei Mobile Nigeria looked to launching its newest smartphone device the Huawei P8 into the Nigerian market in the last quarter of 2015 and approached Amplify Digital to build awareness around the device and also allow the target audience to have a first-hand experience with the product particularly its key feature-Light Painting.

Light painting is an incredible feature of the Huawei P8 which lets you capture “light graffiti,” by capturing multiple shots of a moving scene and then blending the shots into one image showing a light trail. Normally, this effect is obtained through long exposure shots, but given the limitation of a smartphone camera sensor not being able to take long exposure shots, Huawei overcame the limitation with the P8.

Idea & Strategy.

The core target of this campaign were young consumers who had the purchasing power, who were conscious of their style, hip, fashionable and upwardly mobile and who required a smartphone that would help them with more than just calling and messaging, but one that would fit perfectly into their creative and fast paced lifestyle.

So we developed a digital and experiential campaign intended to connect the consumer with the amazing key features of the Huawei P8. This was set in selected locations (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja) whereby consumers could take pictures of themselves using the light painting feature of the Huawei P8 and then upload their creative light painted pictures onto a campaign landing page, they then shared these across their social media platforms and some of the most creative images with the highest votes were rewarded by the brand.

The campaign was kick-started by Ace Nigerian photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi who had hands on experience with the smartphone. Through his interaction with the phone over a space of two weeks, series of jaw dropping light painted pictures and videos were developed setting the stage for the campaign that was distributed across multiple digital platforms.


The campaign was able to connect the target audience with the innovative features of Huawei P8 with over 200 pictures being uploaded, generating about 7,200 votes on the campaign page. The campaign video garnered over 425k total views on YouTube with over 25million impressions on other social networks.
Huawei P8 Light Painting Campaign led to a tremendous increase in interactions with the brand and audience engagement on all its social platforms as well as capturing the attention and interest of the target audience, which led to both brand lift and sales of the Huawei P8 in the Nigerian market.

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