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HP 655 Laptop Email Marketing

The Brief.

HP has a series of well-engineered technology products traded in the Nigeria market. These products are sold in the high-end and mid-end retail locations.

In an effort to increase brand awareness and sales of its HP 655 series Laptop, HP sort out a digital agency to develop a campaign that would help push consumers to a point of purchase, promote sales and evoke long-term relationships (that would enable repeat patronage and advocacy).

Idea & Strategy.

With a target audience spanning across the individual consumer, medium-large enterprises, and retail wholesale outlets, it was imperative to consider the variety of needs linked to HP 655 series laptop.

Amplify adopted a personalized and opt-in relationship marketing approach by leveraging on existing and potential customers via email marketing and followed up with telemarketing.

The campaign was carried out over a three week period with the objectives of increasing awareness around as well as developing long term relationships that could result in repeats sales and patronage, and increase engagement/interaction with the target audience.

A 5-tier email marketing strategy was implemented explicitly tailored according to the specific needs of the target audience to which the HP 655 Series speak proffers solutions. Using personalized subject lines and content coupled with strategic scheduling.

Over 8,105 messages were sent during the period of the campaign. The subject lines included “Achieve More”, “Accelerate your Business Growth”, “Your Smart Assistant” and two others. The latter 4 quarters recorded a high percentage of deliveries and opens, an average click-through of 67.86% and mobile centric. This was better executed with A/B testing of the first and second halves of email messages sent out. Where it was discovered that the first received a higher bounce rate due to the quality of leads in the email list.

In order to reach consumers who had indicated interest in the HP 655 series via the email promotion campaign, a follow-up in pushing the customers to a point of purchase was initiated using telemarketing. Where out of 2,345 who indicated interest, over 1,478 where positive about a purchase in the near future, and 102 individuals were directed to stores for purchases.


The campaign generated increased awareness for the HP 655 Series which was subjected to the high click-to-open rate and engagement with the copy (including the subject line and message) and detailed creative. The high subscription rate to the proposed call to action, allowed for a measurable amount of ROI and also an inclusion quality leads to the email database of HP for future use and sustained relationship with the target audience. This has aided increase in brand favourability and brand positioning for the HP 655 Series amongst its target audience. In addition, created a link between digital marketing and sales where an extension of the campaign would have enabled optimal leverage on the already gained traction in converting more leads, follow up on repurchase intents and sales percentage made by partner stores.

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