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The goal is rather simple, do great work with great brands. We are a team of digital marketers, technology enthusiasts, designers, social community managers and innovative and creative change makers. We continually set the bar high as it relates to helping brands make the transition from traditional customer touch points to digital technologies and new media platforms.

At the heart of what we do is the passion to create immersive digital experiences that achieve specific marketing objectives for our clients, our knowledge of the digital customer of today enables us creatively weave brand storytelling, content marketing, social media marketing into one cohesive whole. As digital increasingly replaces traditional touch points, we see brand managers; CMO’s and marketing manager’s approach us on how they can leverage technology to drive their marketing activities

Today, marketing teams have to deal with Big Data and marketing softwares as well as the key question of how to use technology as a means of engaging prospects and customers?At Amplify digital, we are bridging that gap between Marketing and Technology by creating solutions that help teams fully leverage what technology can offer. At the heart of what we do is using technology to create more memorable digital experiences for brands across the African continent.

Our Mission.


Ignorance complicates things, making them look vague, difficult and abstract, knowledge on the other hand simplifies. We live by simple rules, we are proponents of minimalism and simplicity and this trait carries through when executing on client’s brief. Our goal is to demystify new media platforms as well as simplify complicated marketing challenges.

Fearless Creativity.

Creativity should be fearless, whether in the face of criticism or praise, our work always reflects a certain degree of creativity, it’s what get’s us all up in the morning. For us, creativity is refreshing, it can’t be taught or studied, it’s a culture that manifests across our agency from the office assistant to the CEO, we don’t just talk about it, we live it constantly, whether we are trying to connect with Millennials or crack a complex challenge, creativity drives our solutions.

Relentless Will.

We focus on solving complex marketing problems irrespective of the challenges we may face, we are doers and not talkers, where others see problems, we see opportunities. Our thick skin attitude and courage under fire has led to multiple opportunities to execute big budget campaigns with massive results. We see agency-client relationship as definite win-win scenarios and we strive to deliver results even under the most difficult circumstances.

Our Core Values.

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