How Brands Should Market To Millennials In Nigeria.

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Millennials want to buy from brands that stand for something and are doing it right. And if you are a company, no matter what you are doing, if you’re not doing it right, this demographic shift will not support you.” Maxine Bédat, co-founder of Zady


Winter Is Coming; the tagline for the hugely successful HBO series The Game of Thrones, with an average gross audience of over 18.6 million viewers with over half of that number being Millennials between the ages of 18-35. The superb plot follows the three storylines of A Song of Ice and Fire and was set in the fictional Kingdoms of Westeros; the series chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the realm’s noble families for control of the Iron Throne. As the series opens, additional threats emerge in the icy North and in the eastern continent of Essos.


While the jury is still out on which character exemplifies the essence of the series, my personal favorite has got to be Tyrione Lannister for his outstanding wit and composure under fire, with King Joffrey being my least favourite character. But what makes the series such an attraction to Millennials and how can marketers learn to use the same strategies in positioning their brands to a young audience.


Millennials (18-35yr olds) are a savvy and demanding bunch, often ruthless in destroying all preconceived notions brands have about them and quick to dissociate and call out the brands that are bringing less than their A-game to the market. What is however not in doubt is that in exchange for their attention and loyalty, Millennials expect to be entertained and the brands that can cleverly weave entertainment into their marketing communication in a genuine way will likely record greater acceptance from Millennials.



HBO engaged 47 college campus agents across several major campuses in the United States with the aim of using these campus agents to create social media buzz for some of the network shows. This basically follows the idea that Millennials are more open to be sold to by their peers, who understand them and can reach out to them in better ways than a group of graying haired ad agency executives.


When Red Bull came into Nigeria at the height of the energy drink Renaissance, it adopted a similar strategy by engaging campus representatives and giving them branded cars and other branded items, the girls were the toast of the student community on several campuses and that gave Red Bull the necessary edge within the energy drinks market. Getting through to Millennials through their passion points is also an effective way of reaching out, however, this shouldn’t be the only thoroughfare to reaching younger audiences.


Today, Nigerian brands are all about music, dance and talent shows and Millennials are, quite frankly saturated by the onslaught of media hype around these passion areas. The average young Nigerian is well versed in digital and social media and there is an overwhelming need to be authentic and real in our marketing, in the same vein Millennials are quick to spot fake wanna be cool brands, who are looking for that occasional cheap high, without the corresponding value, authenticity and knowledge that is required to market to Millennials in the digital age.



That the average young Nigerian is social media savvy is no story at all, however, what makes for a good story is that brands are still clueless on how to reach and engage with young audiences online. Every brand understands the need for a comprehensive social media strategy, but almost all brands pay lip service to this. Developing a social media strategy that influences your social media activities is the first step to reaching out to the target millennial audience.


A few Facebook contest here and there wouldn’t cut it in the new digital age, the language of your brand should be social engagement on your social channels. Learning and understanding the expectations of your young audience is critical to keeping them happy and engaged on your brand’s social profiles. The truth is that Millennials would rather use social media to connect with their friends and peers rather than wait around for your brand communication on social media, so here’s what we need to be doing


Earning their Attention

Let them come to you, by creating content that is valuable, fun and entertaining you enjoy the attention of Millennials who crave to be entertained. Also Millennials are notorious for sharing content they find entertaining or informative, hence keep in mind that this demography is the reason why stuff goes viral on the Internet. By using its platform and the Ndani TV content platform GTBank has been able to grab and keep the attention of Millennials, these platforms, then cross-markets their content on their Facebook and other social media profiles to create valuable, entertaining and useful content for its younger audience.

Get Creative

Using football news and content as bait isn’t a sustainable content strategy for social media, if your brand isn’t a sports brand, then think about using football or other sport related news sparingly. Instead, think creatively to come up with interesting areas that will get your followers engaged.


Visual Storytelling

Millennials have notoriously short attention spans; a good content strategy to attract Millennials would have to invest in strong visuals to tell your brand story, use inspiration of real people using your product to emotionally connect with Millennials.



85% of millennials use their mobile phones to access the Internet; there also is a growing number of millennials using smartphones. Research indicates that by 2020, 4 in every 5 mobile phone will be a smartphone. How does mobile affect a brand’s long-term strategy to attract millennials? We have already heard that mobile is the future, apparently that future might be closer than we all- think it is.


Whether it is planning an integrated marketing campaign across various customer touch points or developing a mobile marketing strategy that may include mobile applications or SMS marketing, the key to getting success with millennial marketing is to understand the various devices that Millennials use and then develop all platforms to suit these devices.


Your product landing pages for instance, should always be fully optimized for mobile viewing as well as making sure that they are easy to load and can be viewed correctly with several mobile browsers. Millennials crave engagement, via mobile, web etc. Your marketing communication should be focused on creating content that will keep millennials constantly engaged.


Whichever way we look at it, today’s demographic composition in Nigeria favours Millennials, so whether your brand is a financial brand, FMCG, Telecoms, Hotels or Leisure brand, a holistic strategy to attract and keep Millennials engaged with your brand today, will reap huge benefits in the near future.


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